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Band Name:  The Basiqs
Song Name:  Run Squared
Style:  Hip-hop
Vote Totals:  19
Comments: (1)
Band Name:  Bluegrass Parlor Band
Song Name:  Virgil Calhoun
Style:  Bluegrass
Vote Totals:  1232
Comments: (24)
Band Name:  Geri X
Song Name:  Kiss on both eyelids
Style:  Singer Songwriter
Vote Totals:  1165
Comments: (13)
Band Name:  Have Gun, Will Travel
Song Name:  Blessing and a curse
Style:  Alt-Country
Vote Totals:  133
Comments: (5)
Band Name:  Magadog
Song Name:  Hearts on Fire
Style:  Ska/World
Vote Totals:  54
Comments: (1)
Band Name:  Select Start
Song Name:  A Playlist killed the Mixtape
Style:  Electronic Pop Punk
Vote Totals:  50
Comments: (2)
Band Name:  Tailgunner Joe and the Earls of Slander
Song Name:  Fire on the Coast
Style:  Rock
Vote Totals:  312
Comments: (2)
Band Name:  Triptico
Song Name:  Un paso al frente
Style:  Latin Rock
Vote Totals:  1804
Comments: (20)
Band Name:  Will Quinlan and the Diviners
Song Name:  Remember The Beatitudes
Style:  Alt-Country
Vote Totals:  122
Comments: (4)
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